Our farm

The beating heart of the Atlantic Fungi Coop Project is our production farm. Half nestled in an ancient orchard, half perched on top of a hill with a view of the ocean, in the historic village of Poundstock, North Cornwall.

One of the farm's main focuses is 'waste streams', those from others which can be used as our resources, and how our own can be utilised elsewhere.
In everything we do, we aim to expand the boundaries of the conventional, pursuing more positive, (re)generative practices. Mushroom cultivation is fraught with easy compromises in this regard.


While creating our substrates (the matrix and food our fungi live on) we don't import wood long distances or Soya bean hulls from de-rain-forested areas. Instead using the waste from UK based furniture makers; South West based timber farmers, organically UK grown cereal bran and Dutch grown Alfalfa. Alongside seasonal use of the Pomace from pressing juice from our own and neighbouring orchards.

We are also trailblazing ways to reduce the labour and cost of growing in reusable fruiting containers to help reduce the reliance on single use plastics. All of our Oyster mushrooms, up to 70% of our full production, are grown in food grade, polypropylene buckets, which, once we are done fruiting them, get washed ready for the next batch of substrate, saving us up to 160 throwaway bags each week.